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Bolt-on CNC Control Systems

Machines in Motion offers the Centroid pre built CNC control, tested and ready to bolt on. Control installation is organized into these
5 simple steps.

  1. Remove your old control electronics, console, and servo motors.
  2. Bolt on your new Centroid electrical enclosure.
  3. Mount and couple each servo motor to its axis.
  4. Complete the wiring to each machine device. Axis limit switches, autolube pump, spindle motor, flood coolant, etc. . . We provide you with the wiring diagram and each cable is marked with it's function.
  5. Set a few parameters, run auto-tune, and simply install the backlash values before returning this machine to production.
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M-400AC control system
Up to 5 axis of programmable motion  is now available.
Centroid M-400AC 3 axis milling control system with 1 Kw AC servo motors. Other sizes also available

What makes this package a SYSTEM?

  • Centroid creates their own software in-house.
  • Centroid designs their own control circuit boards.
  • Centroid designs and test their own servo drivers.
  • Centroid builds their own PLC hardware.
  • Then Centroid selects rugged AC and DC servo motors from top brand name manufactures assuring matched component performance at a very affordable price.
  • All control systems are burnt in for 48 hours prior to delivery guaranteeing you a complete and reliable system every time.


M-39S control system
M-39 Display
Hand held Jog pendant is included with the M-39 control system.


M39 CNC control retrofit

Wired electrical enclosure with new servo motors.

Machines in Motion Inc. offers several off the shelf Centroid control models, however, every control is built one at a time, to our customer's specification. We can offer you a variety of servo motor sizes, cable lengths, pendant mountings, and even a floor stand for the electrical enclosure or console.

So, What do I get?
The standard M-39S model includes:
  • Metal NEMA electrical enclosure.
  • PC computer with 1 gigahertz or faster processor.
  • USB port for memory device file transfer.
  • Windows 7 Operating system.
  • Centroid's All in one control board.
  • 3 axis of servo motor output power.
  • 3 axis of digital encoder signal inputs
  • 3 each 29"/lbs. DC servo motors (other sizes available).
  • 6 dedicated inputs for monitoring axis limit switches.
  • Other pre-programmed inputs for common machine services like spindle fault & low lube, and outputs for coolant, and auto lube.
  • Spindle control for forward/reverse contactors OR control signals for a programmable frequency controller (VFD).
  • E-Stop safety contactor.
  • conversational programming software.
  • Centroid also processes standard Fanuc G-Code programs.
  • Mounting arm and shelf for your display and computer keyboard are included.
  • Programming manual & wiring diagram.
  • Life time technical support when you purchase from Machines in Motion Inc.
Call Doug Laursen for current pricing. Motor sizes - Control options
M-400 console
M-400S milling control system

The standard M-400S model includes all of the M-39 features  plus Centroid's professional machine control console with:
  • 15" LCD industrial display.
  • Special non glare protective glass
  • Jog and control function push button panel.
  • Feed rate override control.
  • Spindle speed override control.
  • Industrial computer mounted inside the console.
  • USB port mounted on the console.
  • Captive PC keyboard.
  • Life time technical support when you purchase from Machines in Motion Inc.
  • DC Servo motor sizes available 10"/lbs., 17"/lbs., 29"/lbs, & 40"/lbs. 

T400 CNC control



Centroid turning controls are available in two styles.
The economy version "T-39"
and the deluxe version "T-400".

Both include the same features as our M series controls only configured for 2 axis turning applications.

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