Hardinge lathe retrofit CNC control kit from
Machines in Motion

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AT LAST! A Complete CNC Retrofit Kit
Specifically designed for the Hardinge Lathes.
Hardinge CHNC Lathe
Restore reliability - Increase production speed - Improve accuracy
Shorter setup times - Intuitive programming features

Now available from Machines in Motion, The Centroid
T-39 - Hardinge Retrofit kit. This kit is all you need to upgrade any Hardinge CHNC,HNC or HXL lathe. The easiest and fastest way to upgrade a Hardinge. We supply you with everything you need. The system is completely prewired and tested before it leaves the factory. All PLC programming has been written and debugged. Our kit replaces all existing electronic components and includes a new spindle motor, spindle encoder and inverter along with new DC servo axis motorswith motor and encoder mounts. Your new CNC control will provide full programmable control of the Hardinge tool turret. Our Hardinge kit takes all the time consuming problems out of a retrofit, Centroid has done the development so you or Machines in Motion won't have to! Specialty Installation hardware and drilling templates are included. A typical CHNC retrofit takes only 2 - 3 days and on-site control use training is included. All controls are test run by the factory for 48 hours prior to delivery.

Our retrofit package makes the Hardinge perform faster and even more accurate than new! Give your Hardinge what it deserves, a CENTROID CNC.

CENTROID CHNC Retrofit features:

 o Single or 3 Phase Operation.
 o One source for all retrofit components.
 o Completely Assembled & Tested CNC
 o Fast and easy programming features
 o On-site control installation and training.
 o Better than new performance!
 o Faster tool changes.
 o All OEM features are supported.
 o Programmable spindle speed.
 o Automatic CNC turret.
 o Moveable control stand with locking casters.
 o Hand held CNC control pendant.
 o Constant surface speed with threading
 o Reliable Centroid built amplifier and PLC
 o Uses standard VGA monitor and PC


M39 console

CHNC lathe kit  

Everything needed comes in one Box!

o New 5 hp AC spindle motor with new belt and pulley.
o New spindle encoder.
o New spindle motor Inverter.
o New axis motors** and Encoders.
o Specialty installation hardware included.
o Control Stand with locking casters.
o Hand held CNC control pendant.
o Prewired & tested, ready to install.
o Pre-programmed PLC for all M functions including 
   programmable tool turret.
o Installs in 2-3 days with on-site training.
o State of the art Centroid T-39 dual  processor, 
   Pentium PC based, CNC computer, with  DSP
   motion control processor.

Many pre engineered kits are available for Hardinge cnc lathes.
Hardinge CHNC lathe kit T-39 Lower cost CHNC kit Update your older CNC lathe with Centroid's easy to program
T-400 or T-39 PC based controls.
Machines in Motion's experience in CNC control replacement can benefit your business. 
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