Technical features of the Centroid CNC Control

1. DOS based software. Centroid software retains control over the computer at all times preventing a machine operator from installing games or other unwanted and potentially harmful software. A screen saver is included. Access to outside drives via RS-232 or network is provided for, in the control system. Over 1 gigabyte of user file space is built in. For protection an entry code is required to reach the machine configuration pages.

2. Fiber Optic links have been provided from the main computer system to the PLC and axis drivers. This high degree of noise isolation allows Centroid controls to be placed in some of the worst environments without any loss of control.

3. Complete CNC control systems which have been pre-wired and burnt in. Your Centroid control will include Servo motors, High resolution digital encoders, Shielded cabling to each of the motors/encoders, a PLC to automate spindle control, coolants, tool changer, and other devices, power supplies and transformers, all installed inside a steel NEMA electrical cabinet. Your system is then powered up and tested at the factory prior to shipment. When installed you know that its going to work.

4. Centroid's control console houses the PC computer, floppy and hard drives, 10.2" super twist flat screen, sealed - splash proof QWERT key board, and push button jog panel. Your network card can be added here. Being a Complete system , Centroid also provides you with the console mounting hardware and conduit.

5. Control programing is provided from Centroid's own Intercon (interactive conversational) programing software. Also MasterCam Level 1 is included at no additional charge, or you may import your own Fanuc style G-Code program. A trial version of Millwrite Engraving software is also installed on your control and can be purchased at any time. Inch or metric programing systems are available as is Spanish Language text on screen including the help files.

6. On screen graphics are available from a single button push. If you have ever used the graphics feature on other controls you will understand what a convenience this truly is. Your tool path is centered and zoom is set so that the part fills the screen. Both 2-D and 3-D views are available.  A rule bar is placed on the top and side to provide you with a reference to the part size as well as the part home position. You can use this feature while looking for a program file, writing or editing your own code, or at any time during the use of our conversational programing editor.

7. 200 tools library of user defined tools diameter and height offsets. You can include text descriptions and default speeds. The optional tool touch off sensor will automatically install tool height information into the library tables.

8. Part Digitizing is easily setup. Your Centroid control writes the G-Code file while your digitizing. No additional conversions or exporting to cad is required. If you want to export this file, then converting to a CAD data file format is just one button away.

9. Servo drives tuning is all done automatically via a single auto tune button. The new values are written onto the hard drive. No adjustment pots or user involvement are required. Other technical diagnostics are also built into the software.

10. Laser compensation files can be installed to further improve machine accuracy and performance. This optional feature will make your machine certifiable and traceable. A requirement for doing business with many of today's  larger manufacturers.

11. Smart Search (mid program  restart) provides graphical search capabilities or line number or block number locations to begin the machining process. All fixture offsets, tool offsets, and other modal codes are read into the control before continuing from the location you have chosen. Cutting and pasting of you G-code file will never be required.

12. Centroid experience from having built and refined their PC based CNC control products ever since the first 286 PC computer was available. When you purchase a Centroid CNC Control you are receiving a system of proven components with a visible record of reliability. Ease of use that can only come from years of user input and software refinements. Many new control companies offer powered digital readouts or only 2 ½ axis of motion. With Centroid you receive full 4 axis contouring performance. Technical support and training. Full documentation including wiring schematics for your control system. Real, tangible, features that can only come from an intelligent and experienced company.

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cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine
cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

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