Centroid M-39 CNC control from Machines in Motion
                                                       M-39 A lower cost Centroid package.           Request a quote
You supply the monitor and standard PC keyboard.
We supply the computer, motors, & drivers, prewired in a
cabinet. Hand held push button pendant and spindle control
are included. about 
$11,000.00  F.O.B. Howard, PA

Typical M-39 installation and training -- just 2 days.

Download  M-39 literature in .PDF format (88k)    Download ACROBAT READER

This is what you can expect when your control arrives. Centroid controls are not just a few computer parts in a UPS package.
The electrical enclosure is 24" wide X 36" tall. 
Motors are pre-wired,
CNC programming software,
Manual, wiring diagram, and training video are all included. 
Even a hand held control pendant 
and mounting hardware for monitor / keyboard shelf. 
Everything you will need
right down to the nuts & bolts.
Shizuoka model AN-S

This rugged and very popular knee mill was originally equipped with a Bandit control.
With control parts becoming scarce and repairs more frequent, it was time to upgrade.

First step was to remove the old 
control and motors. 

Time: 1 hour

Next, unpack the new Centroid M-39 control. 
Mount each axis drive motor. 
Mount the electrical cabinet. 
 Mount the monitor / keyboard shelf.

Time: 2.5 hours

Just plug in the motors, monitor and keyboard. 
At Machines in Motion we also wire in the machine limit switches, secure the cables, and wire tie any bundles for a first rate installation. 

At this point we will enter a couple of values for each axis and then one button will auto-tune each axis driver. Our installations include checking your machine accuracy, setting the back lash values, and training your machinist to use this new tool. 

Optional features such as network communications can be added now or in the future. 

Time: 4.5 hours 
Total time for 3 axis of motion and training is 8 hrs. 

Machines in Motion's experience in CNC control replacement can benefit your business. 
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Put us to work for you 
cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine
cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

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