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Milling series CNC retrofit controls from Machines in Motion

M-Series CNC Mill Controls from Machines in Motion

           Centroid's CNC controls for mills are manufactured in the United States. 
           Centroid designs, builds, and manufactures their own CPU's, Motor Amplifiers, 
           PLC's and CNC Software. 20 years of refinement has produced features that
           are easy to use and always current through regular and simple software updates.
           Advanced CNC technology such as noise immune fiber optic communications 
           allows our controls to run reliably, even in the harshest of industrial environments.

           Advanced features include engraving, digitizing, auto tool measurement,
           color 3D part graphics with cutter compensation display, tool check, rigid
           tapping, probing cycles, ATC support, 3 and 4 axis simultaneous servo motion,
           Ethernet LAN file transfers, CD and Zip drives compatible, large color LCD 
           display, fast CPU's, High Speed Machining, large program memory, and more. 

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M-Series Model Descriptions
M400 Full-featured Mill Control with console

     Centroid's full-featured M-400 mill control comes standard 
     with 3 servomotors and is upgradeable to 4-Axis for a rotary
     table or an additional linear axis. The M-400 includes an 
     integrated jog panel to simplify your workspace, and comes
     with a PC standard keyboard or optional sealed keyboard. 
     The crystal-clear 15" LCD reduces eye strain during 
     programming or running a job. The M-400 is also equipped 
     to handle ATC machines. PLC I/O for spindle control is 
     provided, multiple coolants control, multiple limit switches, 
     and more. Centroid control packages can be ordered with
     AC brushless or standard DC type servo motors.

M39 Mill Control with hand held pendant

     A lower cost solution running on the same full-featured 
     control software as the model M-400. With the M-39 control 
     you supply the PC monitor and keyboard. Centroid provides 
     the new tower case PC loaded with software. This control 
     package comes pre-wired inside a NEMA electrical enclosure
     and includes 3 servo motors. Standard  M-39 controls provide 
     simultaneous axis motion only, however, options are available 
     for upgrading this control to be equal with every feature 
     available on the M-400 including  digitizing & probing, 4-Axis 
     control and ATC capabilities. This model can also be ordered 
     with AC brushless or standard DC type servo motors.

M-Series Standard Features
Advanced Features

     Smart Search allows mid program interrupt and restart anywhere. 
     High Speed Machining for 3D surfaces, cutting EDM electrodes, and artistic shapes. 
     Advanced Color Graphics to view parts on screen (dry run) before running the job. 
     Conversational programming software & a standard G-code text editor. 
     Canned cycles for drilling, milling, and thread cutting. 
     Large operator's display. The standard high resolution, non glare, 
     color LCD screen (M-400) displays: tool position (DRO) at all times, spindle RPM, 
     cutting feedrate, and a parts counter with timer. While viewing a program graphically, 
     you can distinguish between rapid moves, feedrate moves, and cutter comp moves 
     by the different colored lines.

Intercon: Conversational Programming

     Enter part programs directly from the
     dimensions on your blueprint. Easy "fill in
     the blank" menus generate industry 
     standard G-Code programs automatically 
     on your shop floor. Centroid's Teach Mode 
     also easily creates programs from existing 
     Off-line programming Centroid's
     conversational programming is available in
     an optional off-line (Windows friendly) format. 
     Program your parts with ease from the 
     comfort of your PC while your machine
     continues to produce.

Automatic Threadmilling and Canned Cycles

Cut threads on your part from the push 
of a button. Use canned cycles to make 
everyday jobs a snap. Choose bolt hole 
patterns, facing, rectangular, circular, 
and irregular pockets with cleanout. Use
repeat to duplicate whole parts, make a 
matrix of holes, or repeat a contour to 
depth with just a few key strokes. Mirror,
rotate, and scale your part right at the

2 and 3D Tool Path Graphics

    See graphics as you work, even for partially 
    completed programs. Compare your work to 
    the blueprint with the touch of a button then get
    back to your programming.

High Speed Machining

Use high speed machining for 3D 
surfaces, cutting EDM electrodes, 
and artistic shapes. Complex 3D 
CAD/CAM or engraving programs 
can be run at high speeds without 
hesitation. A high throughput block rate 
combined with 2000 block Accel/Decel 
look ahead allows fast cuts while holding 
tight tolerances.

                       Fast Part Set Up

     Setup parts in seconds. On screen "how-to"
     graphics and menu selections make operating 
     a Centroid CNC control as simple as it could
     possibly be. 

     Using the optional probing feature will further 
     reduce your part setup time and increase your 
     overall accuracy!

M-Series Optional Features


Copy and cut 3D parts with Centroid's Digitizing. Simple,
accurate, and everything you need in one package. No extra
computer is needed. Digitizing automatically generates and
stores the part program on the controls hard drive. Cut the part immediately or export the data file to your off-line CAD/CAM
system for editing. You can also process your digitized part file
through Centroid's included "Mold Magic" software. Mold Magic
will produce auto-roughing pass program files or use it to reverse
image the part creating a mold from a plug or vice versa. 
No CAD/CAM is needed. When purchased from Machines in 
Motion this terrific software is included at no additional charge
with your purchase of Centroid's digitizing package.


    Automatic Tool Setter

          Centroid's automatic tool setter makes measuring tool length
          offsets accurate and quick. Press one button to measure your
          entire ATC carousel. On screen prompts guide you through the
          process with simple push button operations.

     Automatic Tool Changer

          Smart Automatic Tool Changer control. ATC features like:
          tool position memory (even if the power goes out), 
          shortest distance to tool for quick changes, and automatic
          batch tool length measurement make a Centroid equipped
          ATC mills fast and easy to use.

                                              Rigid Tapping

Precision spindle speed and Z-axis control allows the use of solid tool
holders with your tap. Includes deep hole cycles with peck tapping.

                                     Network Communications

Connect your Centroid control to a network via our RJ-45 ethernet
interface. This standard feature allows program files to be transferred
to and from memory with ease, leaving your machine to do the work 
while you program from an off-line PC.

                             4th Axis Rotary or Linear Axis

Centroid's optional 4th axis can either be a rotary or a linear axis.
This true 4th axis moves simultaneously with any other axis (full 4th
axis interpolated motion) and can be easily programmed fro
Centroid's Intercon Conversational, G-codes, or CAD/CAM. 
Centroid also offers an extensive line of quality rotary tables. 
Why buy a plain indexer when you can have a full contouring 
controlled axis?

Probing Cycles

          Find bore and boss centers, fixture offsets, and corners of
          vises fast, accurately, and from the push of a button. Whether
          establishing fixture offsets, defining part zero, or finding an
          edge, probing cycles can do it faster and with greater
          precision than simple indicators.


Now you can have a highly productive machine tool 
without the big monthly payments of a new machine purchase.


Nomura manual mill converted to CNC

Prat & Whitney TriMac

Machines in Motion's experience in CNC control replacement can benefit your business. 
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cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine
cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

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