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            Centroid's Digitizing makes 3D milling easy because it eliminates
            cumbersome steps required by other control manufacturers. It's excellent
            for mold, electrode and pattern making. Copy any basic, free-form, or artistic
            part with ease. Automatically create complex shapes and patterns on any
            Centroid control equipped with Digitizing. Just start the digitizing cycle and
            walk away; the control does the rest. There's no need to drip feed from
            another computer. Whether you want a duplicate of a simple flange or a
            complex artistic mold or die; you can copy it hands free. No programming is
            necessary. All you need is an existing part or model. Copy and then cut the
            part on the same machine. Data is stored as part of the program right on the
            control. Centroid controls have the memory and processing speed to handle
            large files required by digitizing. 
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Digitizing and probing hardware
and duplicating software.
Digitizing a cavity contour



Full tool path graphics of
your model from a "ready to cut"
G Code file. No additional file 
manipulation is required to duplicate
your model shape.

                                                            Automatic 3D part program creation
                                                            Radial Digitizing for pockets and cavities
                                                            Grid Digitizing for contoured surfaces
                                                            Multiple areas can be linked together
                                                                to make one continuous surface
                                                            Graphic menus for fast, easy setup
                                                            See graphics of digitized part
                                                            CAD/CAM ready -- edit part data in CAD/CAM

Example of exporting Centroid data to third party CAD/CAM system: 


             If you don't want to cut an exact copy, Digitizing creates an image that you can
             edit with any CAD/CAM program. Any portion of the object can be scaled,
             mirrored, rotated, etc. You can even invert the object -- perfect for cutting
             electrodes, casts, and die molds. Once the image has been edited, re-post the
             information to G-code and cut the modified surface. And with unlimited file size,
             store your digitized object directly onto your control. The possibilities are endless.

          Save Time and Money
           Digitizing greatly reduces your costs by allowing you to record complex surfaces quickly
           and easily. Multiple patches allow you to break the surface down into smaller pieces
           and then combine them to create one large surface. Digitize in a grid or radial pattern.
           Digitizing can be installed on any M-series control, so no extra computer is needed!

           Duplicate any basic, free-form, or artistic part with ease. Just fasten the object onto the
           machine. Place the probe into the spindle. Enter Digitize mode. Input travel limits and
           step size for each axis. Press Cycle Start and Digitizing does the rest -- no more user
           assistance is required. After the object is digitized, insert the tool, fasten the stock to
           the table, and press Cycle Start. Your machine now cuts an exact 1:1 duplicate of your

           Stop spending precious time attempting to duplicate complex or artistic parts. Step up
           to the latest in duplication... Digitizing. Order your complete digitizing package now!

Digitizing package includes the DP4 electronic touch probe
Digitizing and Probing software.

Frequently Asked Questions
              Do I need another Computer to Store Data and Drip Feed it Back Into the
              No. Unlike other controls, Centroid does not require another computer to digitize.
              Digitizing eliminates the difficult drip feed (DNC) technique used on other controls
              because it stores all the digitized files on the control.
              How Accurate is Digitizing?
              You can specify a digitizing resolution as fine as 0.0001"! The accuracy of your
              reproduced part depends only on the condition of your machine.
              Do I Need Another Computer to manipulate the Digitized Data Before I Can
              Machine the Part?
              No. Once digitizing is done, load the tool and cut the part. You can even view the
              tool path before you cut the part.
              Can I Use Digitizing to Reverse-Engineer a Part?
              With Digitizing, you can export the digitized data into most CAM systems as a

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cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

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