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Program Text, Right on your Machine!
Step 1. Type in Letters . . .


Step 2. Select Font Size, 
            and Tool . . .


     Letters, Numbers and Symbols

     Imports DXF 

     Color Graphics

     Built-In Fonts 

     Simple 3-D Engraving

Step 3. Cut the Job!                          

Includes many built-in fonts

Use built-in symbols or make 
your own 
Write text along an arc

Engrave on any angle

Mirror Text or Write
Scale Text to Any Size


Centroid Accessories are designed into the control system
not just added-on by a third party
Frequently Asked Questions    
          How Do I Engrave on a Centroid Control?
          It's quick and easy! 1.) Type in the letters and/or numbers. 2.) Select the location,
          font and size. 3.) View the toolpath. 4.) Engrave the part.
          Does Engraving Compensate for Tapered Tools? 
          Yes! Engraving automatically compensates for the tapered tool diameter for the
          specified depth. The deeper the cut, the more Engraving compensates for the
          larger tool diameter.
          Can I Engrave Along 3-D Surfaces?
          You can Engrave text along an arc, slope, cone, sphere or cylinder. It's ideal for
          engraving on shafts, pipes or curved molds and dies.
          Can I Import Logos or Symbols?
          Engraving lets you make your own font libraries, even with cleanout. Engraving
          can import letters, logos, drawings and symbols in DXF or HPGL format
          generated by your CAD or drawing program.
          Can I order my M-Series Control with Engraving Built-In?
          Yes! Please specify the Engraving Software option when ordering. 

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cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

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