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Probe fixtures or part geometry for faster & more accurate setups.
        Centroid's state of the art DP-4 touch probe features new technology
        that makes it more accurate and more reliable than competing probes
        on the market. With it's all surface ruby tipped stylus, the DP-4 can be
        used with any rigid material. Probing automatically finds hole centers,
        part corners and tool heights. Eliminate the need for center finders and
        dial indicators when establishing your work coordinate system. Setup
        Parts Faster! Probing is designed for small job and production shops
        that need to setup, cut, and remove parts from the machine as quickly
        as possible. When time is a constraint, Probing proves its effectiveness.
        Let Machines in Motion's years of experience work for you!
Actual Setup Times:

                                                                   Manual, 7 min. 
                                                                   Probing, 1 min. 

A recent test was performed on the part 
shown above using an M-400 equipped mill
and a Centroid DP-4 probe. With the probe
and the bore probing cycle, the total setup 
time was reduced to nearly one sixth! 

Centroid DP-4
          Centroid's DP-4 all surface touch probe can probe any rigid surface. The DP-4 comes
          with a ruby tipped carbide stylus and a protective case. This patented, made-in-USA
          probe is highly accurate and outperforms other more expensive probes on the market.

Reduced Setup Times
          Probing will determine dimensions from a sample part for use in machining a duplicate, all
          on the same mill.

End Manual Part Setup
          End the constant struggle to setup each part. Let the probe seek out your coordinate
          offsets for you. Simply place the part into the fixture. Move the probe near the desired
          location. Enter Part Setup and press AUTO. Follow the directions on screen and the
          probe will find the part location. 

Automatically Find Centers/Corners
          Locate the centers and corners of Bores, Bosses, Slots, and Webs. Six Probing cycles
          allow you to find these positions at the touch of a button. Place the probe into the
          machine. Enter the Probing cycles screen. Select the appropriate cycle. Follow the
          directions on-screen. It's simple. No special codes. No hassle.

CENTROID Probing cycles:
Probing Cycles

Can you find the center of a bore in 10 seconds or less? Probing can! Probing cycles reduce setup time. Automatically find the locations of bores bosses, slots and webs. Locate corners and edges of your part or fixture. Easy operation with graphical menus show you how.


single axis



Inside and Outside Corners

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cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine
cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

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