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Centroid's T-Series CNC controls are engineered specifically for lathe application. Made in the USA, Centroid CNC lathe controls are a powerful upgrade for the older GE, Allen-Bradley, Seimens and even Fanuc controllers. These controls can be built on site or delivered as fully wired system. Their features are so  easy to use you'll turn parts the first dayof operation. Centroid has many one button features such as servo tuning, software back up, and files transfer. Even Software updates can be installed with "one button" confidence. It's not uncommon for 10 years old Centroid controls to receive newly designed software features developed for today's advanced CNC lathe controller. Centroid designs, builds, and manufactures Their own Motion control hardware, Servo Motor Amplifiers, PLC's and CNC Software. Fast tracked CNC technology such as noise immunity using fiber optic connections allow Centroid controls to run in the harshest industrial environments. At Machines in Motion we are here to solve your CNC control problems. You will find that Centroid controls have the speed, ease of use, and computing power to keep your lathe producing precision parts for many years to come.
T-Series Model Descriptions
T-400 Full-featured Lathe Control with Console

Centroid's flagship lathe control (the T-400) comes with standard features that will make your turning jobs much easier. 
The T-400 can handle any sized lathe or turning center, any sized axis motors, any hp spindle (AC or DC) and is auto tool changer ready. The T-400 includes an integrated jog panel to simplify your machine operation. Standard PC keyboard or optional sealed keyboard. The crystal-clear 15" LCD reduces eye strain when programming or running a job. Axis motors can be furnished as AC brushless or DC brush types and in several torque ratings. The T-400S is also available for lower cost (simple) turning centers.

T-39 Lathe Control with Hand Held Pendant

A lower cost solution is also offered with the model T-39. This control uses a desk top type PC display, keyboard, and our new mini case computer. T-39 options are available to upgrade this control. T39 runs the same software as the T-400, handles the same sized motors and includes the same standard features. The only difference is the Work hardened professional console of the T-400 is replaced by a desktop monitor and hand held jog panel. Both the T400 and the T39 will:

  • Controls any size lathe.

  • Slant bed - flat bed - or VTL.

  • Controls tool turrets, coolants, & lube.

  • Includes Intercon conversational software.

  • Also accepts G-code from most any cad cam system.

Like the T-400 Centroid's T-39 turning controller will handle any sized spindle motor (AC or DC). Axis servo motors can be supplied in AC brushless or DC brush types and in several torque ratings. The T-39S will save about $1,695 over the professional level T400 console.

  T-Series Features
Advanced Features include:
       Smart Search allows mid program interrupt and restart anywhere.
       High Speed Machining.
       Advanced Color Graphics to view parts on screen before running the job.

Automatic constant surface speed control
       The spindle automatically changes RPM to provide the correct surface speed that you
       have specified over the entire part, ensuring a better surface finish, superior turning,
       and longer tool life. Surface speed is also manually adjustable with the spindle speed
       override knob while the program is running.

Tool Path Graphics
The T-400 will graph all tool movements of the program. Slow or even stop the graphing by using the feedrate override knob. You can start and stop the graphing (on-screen dry run) at any point or display only a portion of the program. The graphics dry run checks for overtravel in the program and will display the exact line number of the overtravel event, saving time and materials. The screen is scaled on both axes so you can determine the part size. Dry run also displays the line of G-code being executed for easy reference when editing. When graphing is completed it will accurately estimate the part cycle time.

Easy to read operator's display
The standard high resolution, non glare, color LCD screen displays: tool position (DRO)at all times, spindle RPM, cutting feedrate, and a parts counter with timer.
While viewing a program graphically, you can distinguish between rapid moves, feedrate moves, and cutter comp moves by the different colored lines.

Dedicated, simple to use control panel
Separate dedicated directional jog keys for both X and Z make
jogging the machine a one-button operation. The coolant-proof,
sealed, full-size alphanumeric keypad has tactile feedback for
solid, confident operation.
Simple setup
           Easy to use graphical menus guide you through part and tool setup. The T-400
           remembers your part zero position and specific tool offset library even after you
           turn the machine off. You can instantly move from one job to another using the same 
           tools setup saving you time and grief.

Intercon: Conversational Programming

Program parts right at the control with Centroid's
conversational programming feature. No G-codes to learn or memorize. Instantly see any changes you make to the part graphically. Intercon leads you through the part programming process in a logical, easy to understand format. Just fill in the blanks and check the graphics. G-codes are created automatically! Select from these canned cycles: 

Profiling, (material removing, roughing and finishing), Cutoff, Grooving, Threading, Line, Arc, (connecting radius), Chamfering, and Blended Chamfer. If dimensions are missing from your part, Math Help will solve for any unknown points.  

          For those who prefer to program directly in Fanuc style G-code Centroid controls also
          include a standard PC type text editor. You can graph your program at any point and 
          visually see your progress.
T-Series Control Options
Programmable tool changing is available on both milling and Turning controls.

Upgrade your lathe to ATC with a 6 or 8 station Automatic tool changer.


Mori Seiki Before Retrofit Mori Seiki After Retrofit


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cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine
cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

cnc mill, cnc retrofit, cnc control, cnc machine

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