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Last updated January 2017
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Centroid E-Mail news is published randomly by Centroid Corp. for their dealers. Machines in Motion Inc. is presenting this information for your general knowledge. We do not expect Centroid control users to implement any of these topics on your own. We simply wish to make you aware of the latest possibilities for your current Centroid powered machine.


  Current CNC software version is  v3.16

Legacy Upgrade Board now available

If your atc machine tool is powered by an older Centroid control it is now possible to update the control front end while retaining your machines current PLC and drives hardware. Centroid's Legacy board can interface between a new Centroid console with Windows PC and your machines current control hardware set. Phone Machines in Motion, Inc. for more details.

Centroid has updated their professional control console to the "Slimline" model. Less than 3" thick and much lighter tham previous M-T400 consoles. Same 15" LCD color display, Same multi-function pushbutton jog panel, however the ATX format motherboard has been updated to the latest Atom mini PC. Running Windows10 this slimmed down Console has even more power than previous models. and it costs less too!
Centroid's Slimline console offers more pounting possibilities. Machines in Motion can supply you with a mounting arm including swivel. One end typically bolts onto your machine's casting placing the console in a convenient operator location. Arm can be attached to the console from the top or the bottom. Some machine applications like waterjet cutters are better suited for a rolling floor stand. A small flexible conduit connects the console to your electrical enclosure.

Lower cost now possible when upgrading a Fanuc powered CNC machine.

Centroid has developed new hardware and software that allows us to retain most Fanuc servo motors. These motors are commonly in good working condition. Retaining these components will greatly reduce the cost of a new CNC control retrofit.

CNC control retrofits on Large Format Machinery.

Centroid is now partnered with Yaskawa servo products. Leading the world in servo motor design and performance Yaskawa is now available from Centroid and Machines in Motion, Inc. With a WIDE range of motor sizes Centroid controls can be easily integrated onto anything from micro machining centers up to very large format machinery. Upgrading older, manual, large format machinery is also cost effective.   887 733-5500

New DP-4 CNC Touch Probe brochure available for download. The DP-4 is now being marketed towards any CNC machine shop as an alternative to Renishaw and Marposs touch probes.

Centroid will be providing its dealers with support for hook ups to 3rd party controls and document the various common control hookups. Currently the DP-4 is running on a few Fagors and a Tormach  CNC controls and we are working with a Haas customer right now. 

Big discounts will be offered during this introduction period for anyone that works with us to provide detailed and specific hookup information to a specific 3rd party cnc control (fanuc, mazak, milltronics, hurco etc).

Contact Machines in Motion, Inc. 877 733-5500

Centroid turn-key, pre-wired, ready-to-run, CNC Controls with high performance AC servos.
System prices starting at:

Milling Machine CNC Control system: $16,980
M400 3 axis with 1Kw AC Brushless Yaskawa servo motors and drives.
Milling Machine CNC control system: $19,116
M400 3 axis with 2Kw AC Brushless Yaskawa servo motors and drives
Milling Machine CNC Control system: $24,488
M400 3 axis with 4.4Kw AC Brushless Yaskawa servo motors and drives

Slant Bed Lathe CNC control system: $15,273
T400 2 axis with 1Kw AC Brushless Yaskawa servo motors and drives 
Slant Bed Lathe CNC control system: $16,795
T400 2 axis with 2.2Kw, 2.2kw w/brake AC Brushless Yaskawa servo motors and drives
Slant Bed or VTL CNC control system: $20,802
T 400 2 axis with 4.4Kw, 4.4 Kw w/brake AC Brushless Yaskawa servo motors and drives

Perfect circles with "Advanced Lash Compensation"

By adjusting the "Lash/Screw Compensation Acceleration Coefficients" parameters 208 thru 215, MPU11 based systems now have a new tool to eliminate axis reversal tool marks often seen on circles.   Now you can adjust the acceleration coefficients using parameter values to smooth out tool marks caused by axis reversal moves. call support for more information, (tech bulletin is coming soon.)


M15 trade-in to M39S, upgrade kit.

 Upgrade kit utilizes CENTROID’s new Allin1DC CNC control board, running CNC11 on Windows 10 OS. Simplified installation: pre-installed Win10 OS, CNC11 software with proper PLC program, control configuration settings and g-code programs, system is ready to run as shipped. Retains the current M15 servo motors and servo power supply.


Need it fast? Two standard types of DC servo control systems are now in stock ready to ship!

In stock:
M-400S with S-Function fully wired. (for use with VFD controlled spindle)

M-400S with M-Function fully wired. (Includes CW/CCW magnetic contactors for spindle control)

The controls are ready for immediate delivery. Call sales @ 714 528-7061 for more details.

Centroid offers new PC option for M39 complete kits or board level systems.

Now available, the same powerful, compact, and reliable Intel NUC CNC PC that powers the current M400 and T400 CNC slim line console is now available for installation with the M39 or T39 CNC control. As a "proven reliable" Intel component the Centroid NUC PC comes with a Solid State Hard Drive and is Pre loaded with both Windows and Centroid CNC software. The NUC is a very convenient, space savings PC that opens up more possibilities when CNC component space is limited.