About Machines in Motion

In 2017 Machines in Motion will be entering out 20th year in the CNC retrofit industry. We have complete a lot of machine upgrade projects, Seen many improvements in CNC control hardware and software, and provided countless customers with the reliability needed to keep their business profitable.

The Centroid CNC controller has grown up too. From a 3 axis kneemill control to a powerful CNC Machine control platform where anything is possible. I would be hard pressed to name a CNC machine tool that does not have a Centroid control upgrade. Most reciently we have upgraded 2 of the German built Ehrt punch press machines. This had been a particular nitch of the CNC industry we avoided in the past. Now the software and procedures are inplace to handle these machines as well.

Experience counts! with all that has been learned Machines in Motion is not afraid to take on new or exotic control projects. Most control upgrades happen on-site within 3-5 working days. We have installations in 18 states across America. Give us a call today. Unlike many in this business your call will be answered by knowledgable humans not a computer. I personally answer all emails within 24 hours. Let's do business.

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Contact us directly or Email us at Centroid.controls@gmail.com
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