Plug and play CNC control upgrades 

The first thing to know about Plug and play upgrades  "They don’t exist."  There are no universal standards in the machine tool building industry. Even within the same make and model number there will be differences. Machinery dealers and customers will order new machinery to suite their current needs. So, one Mori Seiki SL2 is built with a 6 station turret the next is built with an 8 station turret. I have seen 3 different spindle motors on the same model Hardinge CHNC lathe and the same holds true for milling machines, routers, water jet cutters etc.

For knee mills and smaller sized bed mills the control configuration is so close that Centroid offers a single, pre-built, control system to fit this class of 3 axis machine tool. The Centroid pre-built control provides 3 axis of servo motion (3 new DC servo motors), Professional CNC concole, and standard PLC programming. The only choice offered is for spindle control. Either CW/CCW spindle contactors or wiring configured to control your choice of VFD.

Shown with optional AC motors

1.   3 new DC servo motors at 29”/lbs in size. Digital encoders are installed and each motor has 14’ of power & encoder cabling.

2.  The PLC has 9 Relay outputs configured for Lube power, flood coolant, spray mist power, Spindle control, plus a few extra outputs. The 16 inputs are pre-configured for X Y Z limit switches, Low lube sensor, E-Stop switch condition, Spindle fault. This standard PLC is already programmed and installed in the control software. There are additional inputs available for machine specific devices. Machines in Motion Inc. offers Custom PLC programming service if needed.

3.  Centroid builds 2 variations of their pre-built control. One has a set of reversing contactors used when CW/CCW spindle control is all that is required. The second pre-built control system is wired for communication with most VFD type spindle speed controller.

4.  Each of these 2 control configurations is completely wired and ready to be used.

a.   Install the mounting arm onto your machine then mount the professional control console.

b.   Remove the old enclosure and mount your new electrical enclosure. If your machine lacks a good mounting location Centroid offers an optional floor stand with casters.

c.   Mount the new servo motors in place of the OEM motors. In some cases your new motors will mount identically. Others will need adaptor plates and or shaft adaptors.

d.   Wire up the machine specific devices. Typically consisting of your axis limit switches, spindle motor, VFD, Lube pump, and flood or spray mist coolants. Labeled cables will extend from the enclosure to reach each of the devices listed above.

Once the hardware is mounted and wired there will be about 30 minutes of parameter settings to be configured. Phone us for assistance if needed. Now you are ready to start cutting metal, rock, wood, or whatever materials your business is involved in.


I have represented Centroid Corp. for over 20 years now. This latest MPU11 hardware set is their most advanced controller ever produced. There are many new features that have been added to an already impressive product. Doug Laursen



Complete bolt-on system

MPU11/M-400S control system includes everything from the control console and keyboard to the servo motors and encoders. Computer, power supplies, cabling. All prewired and ready to bolt on. Your cost for this 3 axis control package is 12,500.00.
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Lower cost control retaining your current servo motors

Centroid's latest Allin1 CNC control system comes packaged in a wired electrical enclosure with PLC and 3 axis of DC servo power. You retain your existing DC servo motors (up to 40"/lbs.) & encoders. You (or us) supply the PC computer, monitor, and keyboard.
Cost $5,360.00

Centroid M-400 Control
Bolt on and go
MPU11 Control 
Some wiring required.

Remember these are base prices for the hardware & software. Install it yourself or, for an additional amount, have it professionally installed by Machines in Motion Inc. Either system can be wired to control your existing spindle VFD or CW/ CCW magnetic contactors.

Let us quote the right control for your specific machine application.
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