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Used machinery Vs. CNC control upgrade (retrofit)

When considering a CNC control upgrade many potential customers tell me they can’t justify spending $15k-25k to upgrade a machine they could replace for $15,000 to $20,000.

At that price level a shop owner would replace his unreliable and out of date machine with another used machine, perhaps a little less out of date and of unknown reliability.

Choosing the CNC control retrofit will provide your shop with all the functions and features of a brand new CNC machine. Experience with your older machine tool (the iron) provides the shop owner with a known capability. Add to that the latest in CNC control technology and you’ll have a machine you can count on, every day, for the next many years. You will have gained production efficiency through the implementation of new features plus much simpler operation & programming. The value of an upgraded machine tool is far greater than that of a unknown used replacement.

Needing more than your current machine has been providing? New AC brushless technology uses over 1 million encoder counts Vs. the common 8k-40k counts commonly used on machinery 15 years and older. If even higher accuracy is needed, we can install linear scales feedback. In most every case, machine speed is increased with a CNC control retrofit. Older controls will often max out their processing capability causing limited federates. Currently there is no machine that can outperform our high speed PC based controls.

When totaling the cost of each option let’s not forget the expense of rigging. Moving your machine out plus shipping to bring a replacement machine back into your shop is not cheap. Disruption of your shop production will also add to the total cost.

Machines in Motion, Inc. will install your new CNC control retrofit on-site. While on-site Machines in Motion will provide your machine tool operator with basic control use training. We want you making parts as we are packing up to leave. Machines in Motion also provides our customers with lifetime technical support by phone or email. No annual fees or multi level programs to pay for.

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I have represented Centroid Corp. for over 20 years now. This latest MPU11 hardware set is their most advanced controller ever produced. Centroid CNC controls are built to be flexable. We have integrated this controller onto Lathes, Mills, Waterjet, Routers, Gear hobb, Custom brush making machinery, Filiment winding machinery, Drilling machines, VTL, Large format machine tools and much more. Yes, we can update your machine too.

Doug Laursen

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