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Celebrating over 20 years of CNC control integration using the Professional level Centroid CNC machine controller.

Professional CNC control retrofits

Centroid cnc control
  • CNC retrofit for milling machines
  • CNC retrofit for turning applications
  • High speed production controls for routers
  • Waterjet cutting controls
  • Lower cost, simple to program 5 axis controls
  • Professional installation or DIY component kits
  • New machine performance and reliability for a fraction of the new machine price.
Centroid CNC control

Built by Machines in Motion, our Yaskawa based CNC Machine Controller can handle any serious machine tool application.
  • Ultra high precision
  • 24-7 reliability
  • Turnkey installations with on-site operator training.
 Replace your old servo system with new, high performance, Yaskawa Sigma 7.
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CNC Retrofit Control Brochures, Literature, Price lists 
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CNC Machine controller quote forms
Centroid, CNC retrofit
Download and complete our informational work sheet. Return along with several photos for a personalized Centroid CNC control quotation.

Each with the Centroid control.

Professional On-Site Control installation
Machines in Motion Inc. can quickly update your important CNC machinery on-site and on time.
Pricing guide for
Do It Yourself CNC control retrofit.
View the minimum CNC control components Vs. a fully wired CNC control system with price points in between. 
CNC control systems ready to bolt on.
Centroid offers several models that bolt right onto your current machine. Everything is wired and running right out of the box.
Lowest cost - Wire it up yourself kits.
Board level control components. You supply the resources needed to wire up your own CNC control system. Machines in Motion provides technical assistance for your CNC retrofit. 
Visit our photo gallery of completed
Centroid cnc control retrofits

Our list of > CNC videos
View article on one of our Centroid CNC Control Retrofit.


Reports of our recent CNC control retrofit project.

CNC grinder Retrofit
Completed CNC control retrofit
As time permits, we will be uploading photos and information on our recent CNC control retrofit projects. Each day we are on-site will include several photos outlining our progress. Bigger upgrade projects can require engineering time, Cad time, or Custom control programming.

Click here to view this CNC retrofit project. 

Manual to CNC control retrofit project.

Horizontal Milling Machine Upgrade
Completed manual to CNC retrofit
This Nomura horizontal mill was originally a manual machine. Machines in Motion worked closely with our customer to fabricate and install the hardware needed to replace it's Acme screws with Ball screws, Mount the servo motors, then fabricate the mounting arm for our professional level CNC console. All of this happens on site with minimal disruption to the customer's normal flow of business.

Reports of our recent CNC control retrofit project.

CNC lathe Retrofit
Completed CNC Lathe control upgrade
One of our more popular control upgrades is the Mori Seiki SL seried of CNC lathes. Built to offer many years of precision parts production. New servo motors have nearly 10 times more encoder pulses than the priginal hardware. Automatic tool turret hits the mark every time.

Production CNC Router retrofit.

CNC grinder Retrofit
This CNC Router is Back in Business
This oversized machine fits the needs of its owner. The older CNC controller just couldn't be counted on to show up for work and replacing the machine with something brand new was cost prohibitive. Our new M-400 CNC control is faster to use and runs the machine at higher travel rates. During it's annual calibration the laser measurement company will generate new correction tables to provide a "better than new" level of accuracy.

Single phase CNC control System.

Single Phase CNC control system
Upgraded CNC control and VFD
Reciently we have completed a few control systems specifically for single phase power. If yours is one of the many "at home" businesses using full sized CNC machinery then Machines in Motion has a solution. This 5 H.P. 3 phase spindle is powered by a VFD using typical home 220VAC. Unlike rotary phase converters our VFD is totally silent, consumes less current, and can be used to control spindle RPM. We offer New Machine reliability with simple to program ease of use, custom built to meet your specific shop environment. Professional installation was 3 days including control use training. Located in Henderson, NV.

CNC control retrofit possibilities

There are many ways to update your CNC controller.

Some people wish to do it themselves. Others need it professionally installed with the least amount of machine down time. There are minimum component cnc retrofits for tight budgets and "replace it all" systems providing the greatest amount of speed, accuracy, and reliability. This is my preferred upgrade as the customer pays once to gain many years of trouble free service.

Value is always a consideration. Many customers wish to compare the price of their broken down machine against the cost of a CNC retrofit upgrade. A more accurate comparison of value would be to compare the cost of a brand new machine against the cost of upgrading their known good iron with a new control.

  • 1. Your machine is already in place. We perform our CNC retrofit upgrades on-site without the added expense of rigging or transportation. 
  • 2. You know what your current machine is capable of. Where is the value in purchasing a used machine with unknown qualities. No warranty that a used machine will work as well as expected.
  • 3. A new CNC control retrofit provides your machine with the features and reliability of a new CNC machine tool at a fraction of the new machine price.
  • 4. Centroid CNC controls can grow with your shop requirements. At the time of installation or years later you can add new features such as, increased part precision through laser compensation or linear encoder feedback, ridged tapping, probing, or part digitizing.
Doug Laursen President, Machines in Motion

 Article: Plug and play CNC control retrofit

Used machinery Vs. a CNC control retrofit


M-400 Control Professional console * M-39 Control Lower cost PC
Centroid, CNC retrofit Our M-400 and M-39 CNC controllers are very flexible.

Programming software is a standard feature with Centroid CNC controls.

CNC controller, CNC kit
Hardinge Retrofit kits  * T-400 Lathe Control Deluxe * T-39 Lathe Control Lower Cost
Centroid CNC control Centroid CNC control Update your older CNC lathe with Centroid's easy to program
T-400 or T-39 PC based controls.
See a Complete list of Control Software options or Click on photos

Control Options like 
* Probing
* Digitizing
 * Automatic
Tool height

will reduce man hours making your shop more profitable.

 CNC Digitizing CNC control retrofit
 Centroid controls handle ATC
Centroid CNC controller
Many different types 

Automatic tool changers of most any style can be controlled by the
M-400 ATC

CNC kit Lower cost component level kits are now available.

With Centroid you can add engraving on your parts at the touch of a button.

 CNC controller

Centroid 5 axis CNC
5 axis Milling or Router

C axis Centroid CNC
C axis lathe work

Stone shaping with Centroid

Centroid CNC controller
Rigid Tapping

Centroid retrofit control
Water Jet or Router

CNC kit, Centroid
Purpose built machinery

Rotary table motion is programmed in your main G-code program, not separately


rotary table indexer 4th axis centroid


Professional level controls with money making features that speed your work from programming through setup and the cutting of your parts. Call us to learn more
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