Upgrade your older Centroid CNC control
with new cutting edge Windows7 based control hardware & software.

35 years of advancements in hardware technology and motion control software have exceeded what  the trusty 486-66 processor can handle. Requirements for our latest version of Windows7 based cnc control software 1Ghz or faster processor, 2 Gig or more of Ram, and our latest servo control hardware set. Your existing Centroid controlled machine can have all of the same features found on a brand new controller, USB port for fast file transfer, Ethernet for computer to computer communication, simple file management, longer file names, and many more features. With this upgrade your current licensed software unlocks will remain working and many of the former unlock options are now included for free. 

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All of your current software options will remain unlocked.
Updated September 2013

centroid M-39 controller
cnc controller software
Option #1
Upgrade your
computer and
control software.
updated centroid Computer
If you own a M-39, T-39, M10, M20, M30, M40, M50, or any other DOS based Centroid control using a tower type computer, Option #1 is the preferred choice for improving your machine's features & reliability. QUOTE1.PDF

Centroid controls now incorporate an electronic "SATA" memory drive in place of the moving disk hard drive. Your new computer will also include our latest generation MPU11 DSP motion control card. Transfer to your new computer: Your G-code programs, and original machine configuration -or- start with a clean slate. The choice is yours. Our Windows based, PC computer communicates with our all new MPU11 motion control card via the Eithernet port providing high speed streaming of information. Mouse and touch screen are also accommodated for in our control software.

centroid M-400 cnc control
linux cnc control
Option #2
Upgrade to the
newest style
Centroid Control software update
Shown with optional water proof keyboard & MPG.
If you own a M-400 or T-400 In the gray cabinet then option #2 will not only bring your system up to speed you will benefit from the easy to install networking, support for USB devices, networking, and larger LCD display.
The new mounting arm will fit your existing swivel mount for easy installation. When finished you will have a new computer, LCD display, and push button panel. Reliability and speed you can count on for years to come. QUOTE2.PDF

centroid T-400 
linux cnc controller
Option #3
Upgrade the PC computer, Motion control card and software.
centroid cnc software update  M-400
If you own a M-400 or T-400 In the gray cabinet then option #3 is your lower cost choice for repairs or upgrading.
Upgrading this older DOS control console to Linux software with the CPU10 motion control card is possible but discouraged. Software development has ended for the Linux operating system AND Linux compatible mother boards are becoming less common. The price is lower than option 2. Only available while motherboards are still available. 
Please consider option 2.  QUOTE3.PDF

 Centroid M15 CNC control
linux cnc controller
Option #4
Upgrade your M15 control
to windows based M-39
Centroid's model M15 CNC control was their lower price CNC control option. Many versions did not control the spindle or coolant. M15 controls were mostly found on Knee mills.  
Centroid is now providing an upgrade solution that reflects the lower cost nature of the M-15. We supply you with a new PC computer, hand held jog pendant, and current generation motion control hardware in a pre wired electrical enclosure. Centroid has installed the same external connectors found on your M-15 console making this a plug and play solution.  QUOTE4.PDF
Isn't it time you put more computing power into your money making machine tool?

Machines in Motion's experience in CNC control replacement can benefit your business. 
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